Honor Grove LLC

Please indicate the reason for our call and select the appropriate booking type. If you are calling for a special introduction to one of our preferred partners, please start that process and book your Coffee Chat call.

All Purpose: 15 Minute Quick Coffee Chat

This is a breezy get-to-know-each-other call. It’s also a great place to start if you just have a couple of questions to see if you might be ready to dip your toe into the waters of real growth in your business.

We can talk about EntrePods, Armorup or EHQ Partners, Executive Mentorship & Consultancy Network, Virtual Remote Professional Network, Our Educational Courses or more.

Duration: 15 minutes

Working Session

Work session. In this session you’ll need to be on Zoom on a computer with your camera and microphone set up so that we can work.
Please pick this session when directed for the following activities:

  1. Implementation, Maintenance, Management, Troubleshooting of Software. You’ll need a good connection so you can share your screen and we can dive into the software and complete the tasks needed to get you up and running effectively.
  2. Culture Deck, Human Resources, Job Ad creation, ATS campaigns
  3. Branding, Marketing - Sales pages, landing pages, content creation, copywriting, etc.
  4. Sales - Script creation, role-playing, guided and shadowed sales calls *
  5. Operations - Strategy, talent acquisition changes, market comparisons, diving into data analytics, etc.
  • With sales and closing calls, there typically is a commission / fee split for having me close the calls with you. This will be determined by your contract. Please do not book sales closing calls with me without a contract in place.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 200.00